Mer & Dic Krem

Mer&Dic Panacea Cream

(Our cream whose occurrence reason is herniated disk)

Usage areas: ;

* Herniated disk
* Cervical disc hernia
* Arthralgia
* Rheumatism & Osteoarthritis
* ŞDistention & Inflammation
* Tendon weakness&nerve compression
* Any kind of wound and scar…
* Psoriasis, Eczema, Mycetes, Cracks
* OPEN wounds of diabetic patients
* Pimple, Acne, Blots
* Wounds & Open wounds & Blots
* Psoriasis & Eczema & Mycetes
* Allergy, Intertrigo, Bee & Mosquito beating
* Pains and wounds of eye, in-mouth, nose, throat…

While using MER & DIC Creams, it is required not to take painkillers. If they are taken, the cream does not cause adverse effect but it cannot present any benefit. There is no objection to take heart and blood pressure medicines and diabetes drugs. Those using MER & DIC Creams can easily take these medicines. Pregnant women should not use MER & DIC Cream in the duration of pregnancy and lactation, and should not apply on the suckling babies.

Price: 95,00 USD