Mer & Dic Krem

Mer&Dic Pan Cream

While it is care cream for face and eye contour, it is also day and night cream. It is in 42ml packages.
It regulates moisture values of the skin.
It is anti-aging cream for areas like eyes & face & forehead & neck & chin.
It provides natural moisture balance of the skins with pale and lifeless appearance due to internal and external factors.
Harmless components with no side-effect included in Pan cream are absorbed by the skin,the skin self-renewal is facilitated skin-supplying substances are provided.
** It is recommended that the users who suffer from spots or acnes should firstly get out of these problems with Mer & Dic Panacea Cream and then they should use Mer & Dic Pan cream as care & anti-aging & moisturize cream.

Price: 60,00 USD