Mer & Dic Krem

About Us

What is Mer & Dic Cream?

It is a natural cream that was found in 1993 by our deceased father Att. Rahim Yıldız by reading and searching in different science fields and making experiments in line with his knowledge to heal his own herniated disc problem and that was offered to you by him after his healing.

What is starting point of Mer & Dic?

Out father treated his herniated disc problem so as not to repeat again and regained his health by using the cream he produced. Then he desired to reach the people who suffer from the same problem and in 1993 he gave the first three letters of his daughters’ -our- names Att. Meriç and Dicle to the cream for the name of the brand.

What is the story of Mer & Dic Cream?

Our father became ill in February 1991, with his own words, he was unable to walk and move. In order to find out what his illness was, he went to 15 professors for 27 months, took recommendations, and heard different diagnoses. With the recommendation of 10th doctor he visited, he had a computed tomography scan and he was diagnosed with “lomber herniated disc”. 13th doctor said that he will get paralyzed, if he was not operated and 14th doctor said vice versa. It fell to lot. In short, his problem could not be diagnosed as herniated disc until 10th doctor and many reason claimed for this problem. Our father saw that any words he heard are contradictory until the real diagnosis made by 10th doctor and he decided that he can heal himself only.

What was the purpose of our father in the appearance story of Mer & Dic Cream?

After he recovered thanks to Mer & Dic Cream, our father, whose real job was attorneyship, started this journey to release his cream and to contribute to healing of other people. In those years, he provided to reach this Mer & Dic Cream to many people on the road, at work, in business life, on holidays and anywhere with his own possibilities. Customers gave positive feedbacks to our father that Mer & Dic Cream heals knee pains, fluid loss, joint pains, nerve damages, muscle inflammations, injures, open wounds, burns, allergies, itches and similar problems as well as herniated disc and cervical disc hernia pains. Then fast retail sale of the cream started. At the same time our father played a big role for distribution of the cream for 21 years from 1993 until his death year 2014 and he continuously presented the cream to those who need it, told the benefits personally and wrote letters.

How Mer & Dic Cream expanded and continues to expand to different cities in Turkey?

Our healed customers and friends told their healing stories to their friends and by this way our cream automatically expanded to all cities of Turkey and became popular.No advertising budget for the cream has been allocated since we started (1993-2018). By coming to present all togetger, in fact, the most significant reason for Mer & Dic Cream to take place in the memory of our customers in such a large extend must be that our father avoided from option of commission sale and that our healing customers narrated our cream to their surrounding people and their friends with patience, self-abnegation and great sincerity. Taking care of customers who heard about our cream from their friends, visited our office and placed orders from various cities until 2014, our father introduced Mer & Dic Cream, his invention, both narrative and scientific manner, and conduced to heal our customers for 21 years.

After 2014,

It is so valuable for us to see that you remember the broad accumulation of knowledge with abundant experience, sweet talk, humanism and benevolence of our deceased father. It is a great happiness for us to hear your healing process that you talk about when you visit us to buy cream again or on the phone call. We are so happy to be with you every new day and mention Mer & Dic cream, the most valuable inheritance of our father, in our dialogues… We believe that many customer can recover by means of Mer & Dic Cream, and wish you healthy days.


We are Atty. Meriç and Dicle whose first three letters of names given to Mer & Dic Krem produced by our father, Rahim YILDIZ since 1993.


To ensure our cream, which our father has brought to these days as long as he has had enough life and consigned this to us, to become more spread and remedy for people.


To provide our brand to reach more people as an international brand and help it pass down from generation to generation.