Mer & Dic Krem

Mer & Dic


It is a natural ointment and prevents adverse effects on the damaged and healthy cells by combining the components inhibiting allergy


Those having herniated disk are required to apply this ointment from antitragus to waist (including armpit ribs) and under the feet including legs if there are painful legs in the morning and evening at 2 times in a day. It is adequate to apply it on the wounds and scars in case of any wound, open wound, burnt and scars. It is a cream that you can use every day as a moisturizing cream if your have no problem. (If your have not any problem, the cream cannot be absorbed as much as the diseased areas. It functions as a moisturizing cream, and it is beneficial for newly-occurred damages and wrinkles from the point of daily usage).


The purpose of all cells is the same: BEING HEALTHY. One of the most important factors to be healthy is nutrient. Mer & Dic Cream is not a medicine, but cell nutrient. In this process, Mer & Dic Cream has been developed in order to enable cells to repair themselves for years.


We wish you healty days when you would like to take it with you anytime and you discover the usage areas as long as you use it.