Mer & Dic Krem

Who is Rahim YILDIZ?

Our father Rahim Yıldız was born in the city of Bulgaria, Kardzhali in 1942. As a family, they immigrated to Tire in 1951. He received primary and secondary education in Ballıkuyu and he was graduated from İzmir Namık Kemal High School and the Faculty of Law of İstanbul University in 1967. He had worked as self-employed lawyer in İzmir for 45 years. In the field of labour law he was specialized, he was advocate of labor unions in Aegean Region for many years and he had become a respectable and beloved person in the lives of employees and within the scope of law as one of the attorneys who directed the law for the benefit of employees in the period

While he was sustaining the attorneyship profession, this would become existence profession for him, he found MER & DİC KREM which commenced “creaming” profession in his term in 1993 as a result of suffering from herniated disk in 1991.

Immediately afterwards our father recovered fastly, Mer & Dic Krem began to spread swiftly with all its reality and beauty owing to the telling and suggestions to the relatives about how recovery occurred of our customers, who recovered with Mer & Dic Krem distributed by him in those years.

When new customers residing in different cities were added day by day to this adventure which began in June of year 1993, our father became infatuated with this profession, he even decided to leave attorneyship of employees. He spared all his concentration and time for the customers making tracks to our office or calling from other cities and requesting for cargo, as soon as they hear about our cream.

The finest ever is that the name of our cream was renamed as “attorney’s cream” or “panacea” at home of our customers who was recovered with mer & dic cream and whenever they have a disease, the first thing come to mind is mer&dic cream…...

From year 1993 that our father found MER & DİC cream until year 2014; he personally told about his knowledge by dealing with the customers coming to our office through hearing about our cream from their kinsmen or placing cargo orders. He also wrote letters to the people who did not hear about our cream but needed it. He firstly gained trust of our customers and then won the hearts and supports of them. Right now, as Meriç and Dicle, his daughters, we do our best in order to ensure that our cream which is survival from our father provides benefit for people.

In that case, let our father say the final word; “I was born in Kardzhali, Bulgaria, the village of Democritus who found the concept of atom is located near us. I am telling that Democritus would find atom concept, and can’t I make this cream? , I am greeting you and I wish everyone to have healthy days”..

We remember with Pride, Love and Longing…